International Conferences


  • Verification in Journalism: Same approaches, adapted techniques, new tools, Andreas Veglis, Nikos Panagiotou, EJTA Teacher’s Conference, Moscow, October 2017.
  • Drone Journalism: Generating immersive experiences, Andreas Ntalakas, Charalampos Dimoulas, George Kalliris, Andreas Veglis, 3rd International Conference on Communication and Management (ICCM2017).
  • Alternative Facts: Conceptualizing and handling fake news in the “post-truth” era, Lia-Paschalia Spyridou, Andreas Veglis, accepted for presentation in the international conference “Journalism, Society and Politics in the Digital Media Era”.
  • The spread of fake news on social media as a tool for political marketing, Vagia Mochla, George Tsourvakas, Andreas Veglis, 2nd International Conference on the Right of Freedom of Expression in the Digital Age University of Nicosia, 3-4 April 2017.
  • Fake News, evolution, facts and solutions, Andreas Veglis, in discussion panel in the European Parliament conference entitled “Fake News in Social Media as Reality Shapers – Unfounded information and legitimacy crisis at the new media period”, March 2017.
  • Towards a taxonomy of data journalism, Andreas Veglis & Charalampos Bratsas, 3rd International Conference on Communication and Management (ICCM2017).


  • Verifying images of crisis situations in Greek Media, Andreas Veglis, presented  in the panel-session MEDIA & WORLDS OF VIOLENCE of the Second Conference of the Cyprus Association of Political Science, 2016.
  • Teaching game design to students of the early childhood through Forest Maths: A pilot study, George Kalmpourtzis, Andreas Veglis, presented in SMAP16- Special session on “Co-design and Co-creation of serious games for distilling adaptation, personalisation and support (CDC-SG)”.
  •   Framework of a Collaborative Audio Analysis and  Visualization tool for Data Journalists,Efstathios A. Sidiropoulos, Evdokimos I. Konstantinidis and Andreas A. Veglis, presented in SMAP16.
  • Media Websites and Their Visitors” Choices on Cookies, Nikos Antonopoulos, Andreas Veglis and Argyris Emmanouloudis, EuroMedia2016 – The European Conference on Media & Mass Communication.
  • Defining types of data journalism projects, Andreas Veglis & Charalampos Bratsas, Nordic Data Journalism Conference NODA16.


  • Internet Regulation and Online Censorship, Nikos Koumartzis and Andreas Veglis, The First International Congress on the Internet, Trolling and Addiction (ITA15).
  • Teaching Data Journalism in the School of Journalism & MC-Greece, Andreas Veglis, Ejta2015, Narrative Journalism and Storytelling on Digital Platforms.
  • RecApp: A mobile application for ubiquitous and collaborative audio processing, Efstathios A. Sidiropoulos, Evdokimos Konstantinidis, Rigas Kotsakis and Andreas Veglis, Audio Mostly 2015.
  • Creating and Using Sports Linked Data: Analytics and Applications, Panagiotis-Marios Philippides, Charalambos Bratsas, Evangelos Chondrokostas, Dimitra Tsigkari, Andreas Veglis, SEMANTiCS 2015.
  • Ιnvestigating Social Networking influence on Media Website Traffic, Ioannis Angelou, Vasileios Katsaras, Nikolaos Tsigilis & Andreas Veglis, in proc of the International Conference on Communication and Management (ICCM2015).
  • A longitudinal study of ICT skills of 1st year journalism students, Dimitrios Giomelakis, Andreas Veglis, presented in the 9th International Technology, Education and Development Conference (INTED2015).


  • Moderation Techniques for Social Media Content, Andreas Veglis, in proc of the HCI International 2014.
  • Emotional descriptors and Quality of Experience (QoE) metrics in evaluating Mediated Learning, Kotsakis R., Dimoulas C. A., Kalliris G., and Veglis A., Fifth International Conference on Information, Intelligence, Systems and Applications (IISA 2014).
  • Investigating Quality of Experience and Learning (QoE & QoL) of Audiovisual Content Broadcasting to Learners over IP Networks, George Kalliris, Charalampos A. Dimoulas, Andreas Veglis and Maria Matsiola, Fifth International Conference on Information, Intelligence, Systems and Applications (IISA 2014).
  • The exploitation of technological developments from the Greek regional newspapers, Ioannis Angelou, Vasileios Katsaras and Andreas Veglis, in Local journalism around the world: professional practices, economic foundations, and political implications Conference, 2014.
  • Computer Supported Collaborative Work skills for future journalists, Stathis Sidiropoulos, Andreas Veglis, in proceedings of the 6th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation, 2014.


  • Web Media Techniques and Tools for Green Communication Practices, Nikos Antonopoulos, Andreas Veglis,  in proceedings of the COMXVIII CI International Conference of Communication, Pamplona, November 7th-8th 2013 School of Communication, University of Navarra.
  • Investigating Dayparts in Greek Online Media, Andreas Veglis,  in proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Systems, Control and Informatics.
  • The evolution of the technological characteristics of media websites, Nikos Antonopoulos, Andreas Veglis,  in proceedings of the MediAsia 2013.
  • Greek Radios : Benefitting from the use of Web 2.0 tools, Ioannis Angelou and Andreas Veglis, accepted for presentation in Radio Research – 2013 ECREA.
  • Dayparts in Greek media websites, Andreas Veglis & Evagelia Avraam, 2nd International Symposium on Language and Communication: Research Trends and Challenges, 10-13 June, 2013.


  • «Technological characteristics and tools for web media companies in Greece,» Nikos Antonopoulos and Andreas Veglis,  In IEEE Proceedings of 16th Panhellenic Conference on Informatics, PCI, 2012.
  • Web 2.0 tools in radio’s web sites, Yannis Angelou and Andreas Veglis, ECREA Communication Conference 2012.
  • The e-citizen in the Cyberspace – A journalism aspect, Andreas Veglis, Andreas Pomportsis, 25th International Conference on Information Law and Ethics 2012.
  • Sustainable Online News Projects: Analysing User-Agency and Journalistic Cultures as Factors Of Economic Viability, Lia-Paschalia Spyridou & Andreas Veglis, World Media Economics and Management Conference, Thessaloniki, 2012.


  • Investigating QoE of Audiovisual Content Broadcasting to learners over IP Networks, G. Kalliris, C. Dimoulas, A. Veglis, M. Matsiola, Proceedings of the Sixteenth IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC11), Corfu, Greece, June 28 – July 1, 2011.
  • On the Pursue for a Fair Internet Regulation system. Nikolaos Koumartzis, Andreas Veglis, στο Sixteenth IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC11).
  • The Future of Internet Regulation: 
Current Trends, a Dangerous Precedent and the Role of Internet Users, Nikolaos Koumartzis, Andreas Veglis, Euro-NF International Workshop on Traffic and Congestion Control for the Future Internet (2011).


  • Modeling Cross Media Publishing in Radio and TV Stations, Andreas Veglis, πρακτικά του Second International Conferences on Advances in Multimedia MMEDIA 2010.


  • Μελέτη δικτυακών τόπων των Ελληνικών ΜΜΕ, Ανδρέας Βέγλης, παρουσιάστηκε στο Διεθνές Συνέδριο ΝΕΑ ΜΕΣΑ, ΝΕΟ ΠΕΡΙΕΧΟΜΕΝΟ;, 7/10/09 Αθήνα.
  • Cross Media Communication in newspaper organizations, Andreas Veglis , in Poulymerakou, A., Pouloudi, N., Pramatari, K. (eds) 4th Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems, Athens, Greece, September 25-27, 2009, CD-ROM, ISBN: 978-960-98566-7-6.
  • Assessing Interactivity in Political Parties Websites. Preaching or Conversation? Lia Spyridou, Andreas Veglis and Eugenia Siapera παρουσιάστηκε στο Διεθνές Συνέδριο Νέα Μέσα & Ενημέρωση: Συγκλίσεις & Αποκλίσεις, Αθήνα 2009.


  • Τα Blogs στην Ελληνικές εφημερίδες, Πασχαλία Σπυρίδου Ανδρέας Βέγλης, Συμμετοχική Δημοσιογραφία: Blog και Νέα Μέσα, Διεθνής Επιστημονική Διημερίδα, Οκτώβριος 2008.
  • Εκπαίδευση στα νέα μέσα των προπτυχιακών φοιτητών του Τμήματος Δημοσιογραφίας και Μέσων Μαζικής Επικοινωνίας, Αναστασία Λάππα, Ανδρέας Βέγλης, Συμμετοχική Δημοσιογραφία: Blog και Νέα Μέσα, Διεθνής Επιστημονική Διημερίδα, Οκτώβριος 2008.
  • Modeling Cross Media Publishing, Andreas Veglis, πρακτικά του Third International Conference on Internet and Web Applications and Services 2008.


  • Workflow Management for Cross Media Publishing, Andreas Veglis, Andreas Pomportsis, πρακτικά του European Computing Conference (2007).


  • Design considerations in Course Support Environments, Andreas Veglis, πρακτικά του 10th WSEAS Int.Conf. on COMPUTERS, 2006.
  • Online Newspapers in Greece: the Evolution of a Digital Genre, Lia-Paschalia Spyridou, Andreas Veglis, presented in COST-A20 2006, Impact of Internet on the Mass Media in Europe.
  • «Webcasting and Interactive Practices in two European Countries: Greece and the UK», Sophia Whitlock Kaitatzi, Andreas Veglis, presented in COST-A20 2006 Impact of Internet on the Mass Media in Europe.


  • Adding content in Course Support Environments, Andreas Veglis and Andreas Pomportsis, in proc of the 5th WSEAS International Conference on Distance Learning and Web Engineering, Corfu, Greece, pp. 193-198, 2005.
  • Οι Ολυμπιακοί Αγώνες της Αθήνας και το Διαδίκτυο, Ανδρέας Βέγλης, παρουσιάστηκε στη Διεθνή Επιστημονική Διημερίδα, Ολυμπιακοί Αγώνες και τα Διεθνή ΜΜΕ (ένα χρόνο μετά), 12-13 Μαΐου 2005.
  • Modeling Computer Supported Collaborative Work in a newspaper organization, A.Veglis, πρακτικά του 9th WSEAS Int.Conf. on COMPUTERS (July 14-16, 2005).
  • Exploring word-of-mouth communication for movies, G.Tsourvakas, A.Veglis, C.Emmanouilides, πρακτικά του 9th International Conference on Marketing and Development (ICMD), 2005.


  • “New production models for newspaper organizations”, A.Veglis, A.Pomportsis, invited paper πρακτικά του 6th WSEAS Int.Conf. on TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND INFORMATICS (TELE-INFO’04).
  • «Development and evaluation of a course support environment” A.Veglis, A.Pomportsis, πρακτικά του 8th WSEAS International Conference on COMPUTERS (part of the 8th CSCC Multiconference) 2004.
  • «Computer Supported Cooperative Work in newspaper organizations», A.Veglis, A.Pomportsis, E.Avraam πρακτικά του 8th WSEAS International Conference on COMPUTERS (part of the 8th CSCC Multiconference) 2004.
  • «THE EXPLOITATION OF TECHNOLOGY IN THE CONTEXT OF THE CULTURAL OLYMPIAD 2001-2004», Andreas Filippopoulos, Andreas Veglis, Andreas Pomportsis, 2004 Pre-olympic Congress.


  • “E-papers in Greece: Living Up to their Potential”, Pashalia Spyridou, Andreas Veglis, παρουσιάστηκε στο 1st LSE PhD Symposium on Modern Greece: «Current Social Science Research on Greece» London School of Economics, June 21, 2003.


  • «Evaluating computer knowledge: The case of first year students in Dept. of Journalism and MMC», A.Veglis, E.Avraam σελ. 587-593 πρακτικά 3rd International Conference on Information Communication Technologies in Education.
  • “The exploitation of Technology during Athens bid for the 2004 Olympic Games”, A. Veglis and A. Filippopoulos πρακτικά του 6th WSEAS CSCC (CSCC 2002) MULTICONFERENCE.
  • “Performance Analysis of Crossbar Multiprocessor Architectures via Analytical Simulation” A.A.Veglis A.S.Pombortsis πρακτικά του 6th WSEAS CSCC (CSCC 2002) MULTICONFERENCE.


  • “Α Web-Based Course-Support Environment”, Α.Veglis, C.Barbargires, πρακτικά του International Conference on Communications 2001.
  • “Performance evaluation of buffered multiple-path ΑΤΜ switch architectures” A.Veglis, A.Pomportsis πρακτικά του International Conference on Computers 2001.
  • «Using the Web in supplementary teacher education» A.Veglis, E.Avraam, πρακτικά του EUROCON 2001.
  • «Interconnection networks: A survey of performance and bandwidth availability», A.Veglis, A.Pomportsis, invited paper στα πρακτικά του PDPTA 2001.


  • «Performance Analysis of Multistage Multiprocessor Architectures via Analytical Simulation», A.Veglis, A.Pomportsis, στα πρακτικά του 33rd Annual Simulation Symposium (April 2000).
  • «Analytical simulation of ATM switch architectures» A.Veglis, A.Pomportsis, στα πρακτικά του CSCC’2000.
  • «Design of a Web Based Interactive Computer Lab Course» A.Veglis, στα πρακτικά του 10th Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference (Melecon 2000).


  • «Grid-Based ATM Switch Architecture A New Space Division ATM Switch Fabric Architecture with Minimal Number of Switching Elements» H.Laskaridis, A.Veglis, A.Pomportsis in Proc IASTED International Conference on Applied Informatics 1999.
  • «Grid-Based ATM Switch Architecture: a new fault tolerance space-division switch farbric architecture» H.Laskaridis, A.Veglis, G.Papadimitriou, A.Pomportsis in Proc. of the 7th IEEE Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation 1999.
  • «The Fat Clos ATM Switch», A.Veglis, A.Pomportsis in Proc 6th IEEE International conference on Electronics, Circuit and Systems (ICECS’99).
  • «An interactive laboratory exercise for teaching computer science students network performance evaluation using Mathcad and MathConnex», A.Veglis, C.Barbargires, A.Pomportsis πρακτικά του 1999 Frontiers in Education Conference.
  • «Fault Tolerance on Grid-based ATM Switches» H.Laskaridis, A.Veglis, G.Papadimitriou, A.Pomportsis in Proc of the 3rd IMACS/IEEE Multiconference 1999.
  • «Exploiting MathConnex computational and simulation capabilities for the evaluation of modern network architectures», A.Veglis, A.Pomportsis, C.Barbargires, in Proc Mathematics and New technologies Conference (Lecture Session: Mathematical Education and Media), June 1999.


  • «Cell Availability of multiple path ATM Switch » A.Veglis, A.Pomportsis pp 1313-1317 in Proc. 9th Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference (Melecon 98).


  • «Performance related analysis of L-level Hierarchical Shared-Memory Multiprocessors», A.Veglis, A.Pomportsis pp 1055-1059 in Proc. Melecon IEEE 1996.


  • «Fault Tolerance Analysis of Rearrangeable Three Stage Clos Networks», A.Veglis, A.Pomportsis, in Proc. 8th Symposium on Computer and Microprocessor Applications, 1994.


  • «On the bandwidth availability of Multistage Interconnection Networks», A.Veglis, A.Pomportsis, in Proc. Euromicro 1993.


  • «A Performance analysis of a multistage-based hierarchical multiprocessor system», A.Veglis, A.Pomportsis in Proc. Teletraffic 1992.


  • «An Hierarchical multiprocessor system with clusters and global memory modules» A.Veglis, A.Pomportsis in Proc.1st BPU 1991.

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