Currently there are no funded positions.

– The ERC project will start on the 1st of September 2019. 5 Post-doc and 2 Phd positions will be available. Feel free to send me your CV in advance, if you are interested in joining the group. We seek for highly motivated people with a strong background in perovskites, chalcogenides, quantum dots, solar cells and/or LEDs. Since most of the project is about synthesis (and characterization) of a new family of materials, scientists with hands-on-experience on crystallization chemistry, polycrystalline films preparation, glovebox usage, XRD/SEM/UV-Vis/PL will be preferred.

– PhD students or postdocs with promising CV, interested in applying for Greek grants (such as IKY or ELIDEK etc.), please contact me.

– Postdocs with outstanding CV, interested in applying for Marie-Curie grants, please contact me (please note «you must not have worked in Greece for the last two years»).


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