18/02/2019: Helen Kourti has successfully defended her Bachelor Thesis on K+-doped CsFAPbI3 perovskite solar cells. We bid farewell and wish her a bright future.

15/02/2019: I was invited by Dr. Falaras to NCSR Demokritos to give a lecture on perovskite solar cells for the MAESTRO ITN MIdTerm Review Meeting. Delighted to chat with Prof. Kanatzidis- he is a true inspiration!


01/12/2018: I was invited by to give a short interview regarding ERC and my winning proposal. I sincerely thank the two very polite journalists  for their invitation. It seems that their radio show (every Saturday at 18:00 in Alpha Radio 98.9) is the only chance for the Science in Greece to be communicated to ordinary people. You can listen to it here:

27/11/2018: Great day for our group yesterday. ERC announced that our proposal on hybrid optoelectronics will be funded for the following 5 years with an overall amount of 2.7 M Euros.

23/11/2018: Our article in JMCA titled “A critical review on tin halide perovskite solar cells” is now a Highly Cited Paper in the field (Source: ISI Web of Knowledge). Thanks all the readers!

03/11/2018: We have successfully participated at the 2nd Conference of Undergraduate &Postgraduate Chemistry Students held at Thessaloniki. Lazaros and Dimitris had oral presentations while the rest of the team (led by Helen) contributed with a nice poster. Good work guys!


01/11/2018: Our custom-made glovebox (dry air + nitrogen) is on. RH constant at 25-30%.



22/10/2018: The boys (Lazaros, Dimitris and Odysseas) are visiting Demokritos to make some good solar cells with 2 step CsFA perovskite films.

10/10/2018: Another successful collaboration with the Falaras Group in NCSR Demokritos  on passivation of oxides with organic dyes:

03/10/2018: Back from my ERC CoG interview. 17 polite persons there asking about the science and the feasibility of the project. Everything went OK. Now lets wait for the result.

26/09/2018: Back from my short visit in Oxford. Happy to see Henry, Nobuya, Wei,  Max, James, Bernard, Jonchul, Pabitra and met the new lab manager (Sofia) who originally comes from my hometown (we even went to the same school! What are the chances?…)!

11/09/2018: Dimitris Deligiannis has successfully defended his master thesis on insulating polymers as interlayers in planar perovskite solar cells to improve efficiency and stability. Congrats Dimitris and good luck with the greek army. Patience!

Deligiannis-presentation photo

27/08/2018: Our master student Lazaros Theofylaktos made his first research visit in my former group in Demokritos. We thank Polycarpos, Thanassis, Maria and Konstantina for their warm welcome and valuable assistance!

27/07/2018: Our master student Helen Giannakaki made her first research visit in Kymakis Group-Crete. We thank Manos and his group members for their warm welcome!

13/02/2018: Our article titled “A critical review on tin halide perovskite solar cells” is among the most accessed articles in 2017 and as such it has been included in the 2017 Most Accessed Articles web collection for Journal of Materials Chemistry A.

04/12/2017: I was invited by Prof. Kymakis to the TEI of Crete to give a lecture on perovskite solar cells for the MSc Organic Electronics & Applications –OREA

02/12/2017: Successful collaboration with the Falaras Group in NCSR Demokritos  on novel low-dimensional organic-inorganic perovskite-like materials:

This was an invited paper, part of the Special Issue of Polyhedron on Molecules for devices: the inorganic chemistry behind modern technologies.

01/12/2017: I was invited by Dr. Manolis to NCR Demokritos to give a contributing talk on perovskite solar cells for the 3rd Training Workshop on Materials for Future Energy Sources.

28/09/2017: Our review article on anti-solvent crystallization strategies for highly-efficient perovskite solar cells was released:

already 6000 downloads on the publisher and >1000 reads at researchgate.

20/03/2017: This is  the first ever review exclusively on tin (lead-free) perovskite solar cells:!divAbstract

This article was part of the themed collection: Journal of Materials Chemistry A Emerging Investigators (2017).

12/07/2016: – 4th Hellenic Forum for Science Technology and Innovation (Athens, NCSR Demokritos, 12 July 2016) WORKSHOP on Solar Cells: Current Status and Perspectives of Third Generation Photovoltaics

I gave a 30 min lecture on Perovskite Solar Cells (State of the art):




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