Preliminary results

So far, 8 elderlies have been trained with MusicPlast and our preliminary results are very encouraging! The comparison of electroencephalographic measurements before and after the intervention showed a statistically significant increase in the activation of superior temporal gyrus, as seen in the figure below. Alongside, we found an increased -but not statistically significant- activation in the visual and the prefrontal cortex.

Preliminary Results

Those brain regions are amongst the first ones which are affected by aging. Nonetheless, the cognitive functions that MusicPlast uses, namely multisensory integration and music perception, while correlated with the functionality of these regions, retain the ability to generate neuroplastic changes via training, even in older ages.

It must be noted that due to the small size of the sample gathered so far, these results are not conclusive. Nonetheless, this results show that MusicPlast has such a strong neuroplastic effect size that a statistical significance can be reached with just 8 subjects.

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