As Intelligent C express coding without Classes

Let’s see an example.

public class speaker{
Variable $words;
public function speak($words)
echo $words;
$speak = new speaker(“Hello World!”);

Let’s see and something else.

$word = “Hello World”;
echo $word;

Obvious processes to CPU is eightple.
More terrible is RAM use. full and empty in no time.

This was happened before json arrays.

Nowdays with mongodb Classes do take part as the structure of code.

In my blog you can find outdb AI application framework.
In this case i used PHP 5.x to show how to create an application in tiny amount of time.
All the domain paths like: or has a handler a single PHP file. This file knows which data to take from the db, takes them and it sends it back with arrays to that single file.
It asks the db which service has the domain path and it returns all the info in any table, from the db to front.

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